Kaiapoi Trellis has been around for almost two decades.  High quality, sustainability and enviro-friendly are the foundations of our company, and is the reason behind our choice to use quality New Zealand Macrocarpa timber and treated  Pine.


Business owner Kyle Longley bought the company in mid 2020. He loves working with you to achieve your desired results. Whether its custom built trellis for privacy or shelter, or outdoor furniture for relaxing and entertaining he can help bring your ideas to life. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.

"The trellis Al made for screening our pergola was everything I wanted it to be.  It was a competitive price, done within a very good time frame, and was of an extremely high quality.  I couldn't have built this to the same standards at anywhere near the same price and within the same time as Al did.  I'll get all of my trellis from him in the future." ​Steve K, March 2019

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